Best and Easiest to Play AVI players in Mac

AVI files also known as Audio Video Interleave is a popular file format that was developed by Microsoft. AVI is able to play movies, video clips, and other media files in high quality. So, how can you play an AVI file in a Mac?

Apple by default gives Mac users a player called QuickTime Player, but it has some serious compatibility issues with AVI files.

Let’s talk about some AVI video players here which are compatible with Mac which is easy to use:

  • Elmedia AVI Video Player: Elmedia Player is gaining its popularity because it is tailored as per the need of the users. The attractive and easy to understand design which let’s even a Mac newbie to use it efficiently and take its benefit. You can change it to the choice of your language. You can change how the subtitles will look by setting the font size, font color and border line, and set up encoding preference. Elmedia can play a large number of media format files. Elmedia can play a damaged AVI file in its best quality.

You also can get a PRO version of Elmedia, which is a paid version, but with a lot of facilities like stream an AVI file to an Apple TV. You can adjust video playback speed. You can also take screenshots of scenes in the video.

  • Cisdem AVI Video Player: Cisdem Video Player is a free video player and needs no codec packs. You can personalize your own experience while playing any AVI file. Subtitles can be loaded manually or automatically. It also takes snapshots, set soundtracks, de-interlace, and so on.

  • VLC AVI Media Player: It is a free media player and supports several media formats. It allows adding subtitles to video files; you can also set audio and video preference. You can also control the playing process. The only drawback is quality of the video.