Floor buffer – The best tool to clean the surface

Most of the property owners are now busy, and they look for the simplest ways to keep up the cleanliness of the floor. Floor buffer is the best appliance that cleans the floor surfaces within the shortest time. For buffing or burnishing the floor, these tools are the right choice.

Tips for choosing your floor buffer

We have now guided you to look for the best quality floor buffer. One of the common things to be checked is the Horsepower. To deal with the heavy-duty tasks, like bonnet cleaning, you may choose higher Horsepower systems. Minimum 1.5 HP motor is highly essential for these floor buffing devices.

You must be comfortable in running the system. Thus, you have to check the length of the wand and handle. The wands may be adjustable in some of the systems. The cleaners, with an ergonomic grip, are the right choice for you. You should also check out whether the system is corded or cordless. The cordless units run with a battery.

Review of the best floor buffers

Elicto Electronic Spin Mop and Polisher ES-200

It’s a corded system, used for polishing and cleaning the floor. Remove your old mops and start using this innovative system. The 3-in-1 mechanism has made the tool unique. You have to hit its ON button and the watch the way it cleans the floors.


·         Cleans the floor with rotational process

·         Reusable microfiber

·         Replaceable attachments


Overheating issues in few cases

Oreck Orbiter Ultra Multi-Purpose Floor Machine

Remove the stains and blemishes on your tiles. The marble slabs will get back the shiny look. The system also cleans the carpets by removing the dirt from fibers. The length of the cleaning path is thirteen inches. The system works with 1/2 HP motor system, integrated with a base plate, made of metal.


·         Works in a different way

·         Highly engineered induction motor

  • Versatile system


Buffer pad is much porous

Koblenz P-2600 Commercial Floor and Carpet Polisher

Clean your carpets and commercial floor surface with the power of its motor (4.2 amps). There are 5 pairs of brushes and pads for scrubbing and polishing.


  • Good cord length
  • Cleans heavily dirty floors
  • Bristles, safe for your carpets


Few engineering flaws

Now, start looking through various floor buffers to simplify your everyday cleaning job. Turn on the floor cleaner to remove the stains and dirt.