How to Strip a Floor Using a Floor Stripping Machine

An excellent floor is a beautiful and expensive addition to any room. Whether wood, Lino or marble, these floors must be cleaned regularly to maintain their luster.  The cleaning technique for these kinds of floors includes waxing, stripping and polishing.

Waxing and polishing floors overtime results to a build-up of wax residue hence the need for stripping to remove the wax, as well as deep scratches and embedded debris.  Stripping the floor creates a foundation for a fresh layer of wax to give it a brilliant shine, and to protect it against wear and tear.

Here are some simple steps to follow, to efficiently transform your floor, using floor stripping machines.

Choose the appropriate stripping chemical for your floor.
Using the wrong chemicals will do more harm than good to your floors. It is therefore important to follow your floor manufacturer’s recommendations in regard to cleaning substances. You should be consistent in the brand of wax you always use to get desirable results.

Ensure that your working area is properly ventilated. 
Clear the area and remove any debris. It is important to cordon off the working area before starting. Remember to wear the necessary protective clothing for your safety including gloves, goggles, dust masks, and protective coats.

Decide how you’ll section the working area and in which direction you’ll be working.
This is important to avoid messing the finisher before it hardens by stepping on it, and to avoid getting trapped away from the exit. It is advisable to start working farthest from the exit and to strip small sections at a time.

Gather your floor stripping materials and equipment.
You’ll need two buckets, the first one, for water and stripper solution. Remember to line the bucket with a plastic liner before mixing the stripper solution. Be sure to follow the instructions on the label when diluting the stripper. The second bucket should contain clean water for neutralizing the solution.

Apply the stripping solution in small sections.
Use a cotton mop to thoroughly coat the floor with the stripper, being careful not to saturate or flood it. Let it sit for a few minutes to completely loosen the floor wax.

Floor stripping machines come with different pads.
Pick the specified floor stripping pad and attach it to your machine.  Use your machine according to instructions to strip away wax build up. Some parts will require several scrubs to scrape away the old floor wax.
Use a mop, a wet-dry vacuum or squeegee to clean up the dirty solution and wax build up from the floor.
Finally, rinse the floor with a clean mop and cold, clean water to remove all the residue, and to neutralize any stripper residue on the floor.