Medical answering services can reduce office workload

Saving time and increasing productivity is the goal of every business. This is no less true of a physician’s medical practice and office management. Obviously, the more time saved the more patients you can see and help. The challenge is in seeing how those productive improvements can be made and implementing them to the benefit of both your staff and your customers – your patients.

Time and productivity challenges generally stem from the conflict between tasks required of physically seeing patients in the office – checking them in, taking baseline medical information, and prepping them to see the doctor individually – and tasks that might be termed administrative. Admin tasks usually include answering phones, scheduling appointments, and office records filing or organizing along with patient follow up.

The trick to time savings and increased productivity in a doctor’s office usually comes down to removing the administrative tasks that can be managed otherwise – everything else has to stay in-house. Because answering phones and scheduling appointments can be allocated to other available resources, these are best handled by experts in the communications business like medical answering services. While you may want to exercise some control over procedures and protocols for your inbound calls and appointment scheduling, this doesn’t have to happen in your office or by your direct employees. This is where you gain both time and productivity.

When a medical answering service takes over answering your incoming calls to deal with everything from wanting appointments to checking on the status of a prescription, as well as scheduling, re-scheduling and canceling appointments and reminders, your staff can get on with the immediate and important work going on in your office – taking care of patients. There might still be a ringing phone, but the calls have already been filtered so that what comes through is what really needs attention as the service is handling everything else.

Working with the answering service to integrate your appointment calendar with their software is easy and effective. They provide a one-stop-shop for scheduling that keeps things organized and running smoothly. The answering service can make sure the calendar is up to date at all times with their software specifically geared for medical offices. Cancellations notify you immediately, and they can work behind the scenes to fill in those scheduling holes to make the office visits more seamless than they ever have been before. Your staff doesn’t need to carve out hours per day to call patients as reminders for upcoming appointments – your service can do that for you.

Time and productivity translate to more income for your practice and a higher level of service for your patients than you might have thought possible. If you haven’t considered using a medical answering service prior to now, it’s time to start thinking about how they can help you build and grow your practice. With an ever increasing slate of features and benefits available from the various services out there, you are sure to find the right combination to meet your office’s needs. Visit to find out more. Learn more about the services that professional answering services offer here: wants to help your business reduce errors and give patients waht they are looking for. Visit today to learn more about the benefits of medical answering services.