Troubleshooting Common Refrigerator Start and Performance Issues

Amongst home appliances refrigerator works the hardest. It operates round the clock to keep food fresh. Owing to rigorous use along with wear & tear, the unit can develop problems like cooling slowly, defrosting issue, broken drain pipe, door closing issues, etc.  Imagine tossing food items from the fridge into trash when your refrigerator does not work properly for a long time.

Troubleshoot common refrigerator issues

Temperature is not sufficiently cool

Possible culprit is the defrost thermostat, which needs replacement in case contacts have frosted. Unplug the fridge and try to clean the condenser coils using coil-brush. If this does not work then call a technician. The issue can even be due to insufficient coolant, which may not turn the refrigerator on or not operate correctly. Coolant circulates within evaporator coils allowing cool air flow across it sending cold air in food zone. When refrigerant level is insufficient, refrigerator’s performance gets affected. Technicians check coolant level and refill it.

Icemaker is not working

The likely wrongdoer is ice maker motor element, which may have held up and requires replacement. Another culprit can be congested water inlet valve. First shut the valve from water supply to avoid flooding situation. Check for tears as well as see if filter or screen is clogged with debris.

The ice maker mechanism may also be experiencing an issue. The Whirlpool models use heat to release ice cubes. To diagnose any issues with the ice maker working status an array of electrical tests is conducted. If you are not knowledgeable about filter or water valve then call professionals.

Refrigerator has stopped working

The possible offender is its electronic control board, which can be malfunctioning or damaged from power surges or open circuits or worn out relays and may need replacement. Another possibility is insufficient current, which can cause the fridge MCB to drop down. Professionals check voltage and current of outlet with voltage tester device and multi-meter.

Strange noises are heard from the fridge

The likely culprit is electronic control board, which maybe damaged and needs to be changed.

Water or ice is not dispensed

Possible perpetrator is the filter. You may have forgot to change filter. Overtime water filter in the fridge collects and stores contaminants and debris, which needs to be filtered out in the first place. Therefore, change filters regularly. The new Haier models have sensors within the doors, which signals what has to be done. Water valve may also need replacement in case it is clogged with minerals failing to close or open.

Refrigerator start issues

  • Defective motor shuts down instantly. It won’t start and possibly need a new motor.
  • Compressor may be experiencing an issue and cause the refrigerator to shut down. Remember to keep compressor clean as well as lubricated to avert start issues.
  • Condenser coils behind the fridge can accumulate dirt blocking it from dissipating heat properly. The fridge may not perform well or even stop working completely.
  • Start capacitor is responsible to kick start compressor and start refrigeration cycle. Defective capacitor can cause starting issues in the refrigerator.
  • Faulty thermostat is not able to transmit start signal to the start capacitor, which may hinder the start of refrigerator.

These are common reasons behind refrigerator not working or not performing well. Make sure to call the best technician, so as to handle your costly investment carefully.